Blessed Sacrament Church and School

Church at Prayer

Who we are

We are a parish deeply rooted in and committed to our historical and traditional roots as a distinctly Roman Catholic congregation: a church at prayer.  The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass stands at the very heart of our church: it defines us, challenges us, and sanctifies us.  We are devoted to the Most Holy Trinity, our Blessed Mother, and all the Saints who have done God's will throughout the ages.  We hold a special place in our hearts for St. Peregrine, for whom we offer a Eucharistic Holy Hour, Adoration and Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, and a Mass in honor of the "Cancer Saint" on the first Friday of every month.  Weekly devotions to Our Mother of Perpetual Help and St. Peregrine are offered on Tuesdays immediately following 7:00 AM Mass.  Because we so reverence the Most Holy Eucharist, we energetically affirm the sanctity of Life from conception to grave and the dignity of every person.  

As a praying community, we affirm the words of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI: "Prayer is centered and rooted in the inmost depths of the person; it is, therefore, not easily decipherable and, for the same reason, can be subject to misunderstanding and mysticism.  In this sense, too, we can understand the expression, 'Prayer is difficult.'  In fact, prayer is the place par excellence of free giving, of striving for the Invisible, the Unexpected, and the Ineffable.  Therefore, the experience of prayer is a challenge to everyone: a 'grace' to invoke, a gift of the one to Whom we return."

School with a Heart

Who We Are

In partnership with the parent community, we the faculty of Blessed Sacrament School are committed to educating each child holistically. We foster faith, honor, respect and responsibility in a Roman Catholic environment through stewardship of the mission of teaching given to us by Jesus Christ. We, the faculty, believe that each child is a unique creation of God. We believe that parents are the primary educators of their children. We will work as partners with parents to help children grow holistically (spiritually, intellectually, physically, socially, culturally and emotionally) at home and in school. We believe that optimum growth occurs when each child, along with his or her family, participates actively and responsibly in the prayer life and educational process of our school. We facilitate and promote holistic growth in a Roman Catholic educational environment which proclaims belief in Jesus Christ, celebrates life and its events through Eucharistic worship of God, asks forgiveness of all within the community, encourages service to all, and recognizes our call to be responsible stewards of the earth.


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