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Saturday Afternoon Adult Cathechesis

Baltimore Catechism (2:00 PM) and Scripture Study (3:00 PM)

Dr. Ed Maniscalco (left): Director of Adult Catechesis
Dr. Ed Maniscalco (left): Director of Adult Catechesis
Dr. Ed holds a Ph.D. in Biblical Theology from Marquette University
Welcome to Adult Catechesis at Blessed Sacrament! Every Saturday throughout the year, we come together to explore various aspects of our Catholic faith. 
During the Summer of 2016, we offered a special topics course, which considered the essential social, political, and theological issues of the day that impact Roman Catholics.  Those classes explored issues regarding the Papacy of Pope Francis, abortion, church-state relations, interfaith relations, liturgy, etc.  
During the Academic Year of 2016-2017, we are offfering two classes, both of which meet in the Church Hall
  1. 2:00 PM Baltimore Catechism (Book 2): the standard and authoritative, pre-Vatican II Roman Catholic resource for the essentials of our faith.  It remains a classic and allows us to ponder from where we have come, where we are today, and what awaits us in the future.
  2. 3:00 PM Scripture Study: we take time to read, pray on, and discuss one of the Scripture passages for the current weekend's Sunday Masses. 
In the Scripture Study class, of particular interest will be comprehensive, in-depth discussions, which will include:
  1. Full, literal translations (by Dr. Maniscalco) from the Hebrew Old Testament or Greek New Testament, which we will compare and contrast with the Lectionary translations found in the Sunday Missal or Missalette; 
  2. Exposition of the text, which will take into account the historical and literary contexts within which the focus text was written;
  3. Establishing the meaning of the text against the backdrop of our contemporary world: Catholic and general Christian moral teachings, papal pronouncements, politics, up-to-the-minute locat, national, and world news items, etc..  
Lectures are appropriate for high school students through senior citizens. 
Soft Drinks, light snacks, coffee, tea, beer, and wine are available free-of-charge.
Contact Dr. Ed Maniscalco
(414) 649-4720 (rectory)
We look forward to seeing you at our next session!