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St. Cecelia Choir

The St. Cecelia Choir is an adult (high school age and older) female-only choir that supports the worship experience at Mass each weekend. During the choir season (generally September through May), the Choir rehearses from 7:15 until 8:30 PM and generally sings for the following Masses:
     1st weekend of the month—7:30 AM
     2nd weekend of the month—9:00 AM
     3rd weekend of the month—4:30 PM
     4th weekend of the month—11:00 AM
The Choir also may participate in special feasts and holydays, and sings during the Masses of the Triduum. They present a 30-minute recital prior to the 9:00 PM Christmas Eve Mass.


Currently, seven men and women of high school age and older volunteer their time every weekend to assist in leading the musical worship of Blessed Sacrament. Cantors are selected by audition only. Please speak with the Director of Music if you are interested in becoming a cantor.

St. Agatha Handbell Choir

This group, currently comprised of seven adult women, practices on Wednesday evenings from 6:00 PM until 6:45 PM.  Less than half of the ringers had prior experience ringing handbells before joining the St. Agatha Choir. Music is marked to facilitate easy reading and ringing. The Choir plays for Mass as they learn new pieces (an average of once or twice a month).


Psalm 150 instructs us to praise God
“...with the sounding of the trumpet,
    ... with the harp and lyre,
...with timbrel and dancing,
    ...with the strings and pipe,
...with the clash of cymbals,
...with resounding cymbals.”
Instruments add much to the beauty of worship. Opportunities abound for the use of instruments during the Mass. Please see the Director of Music if you are interested in offering your talent in this area.

Resurrection Choir

The Resurrection Choir sings for all funeral and memorial Masses at Blessed Sacrament. Members participate as they are able; attendance is not mandatory for all Masses. This might be a good way to “try us out” and see if you might want to join a choir.

the 2016-2017 Blessed Sacrament liturgical music program